A fire extinguisher is a device used to fight fires. In this case, it is found in easily accessible places so that it is within reach when a fire breaks out. All of this makes the fire extinguisher an important tool because it guarantees everyone’s safety. Its importance requires special attention, protection against impacts or other forms of accidents for example.  The fire extinguisher cover is the right equipment to ensure the protection of the extinguisher.


As mentioned above, a fire extinguisher cover is used to protect a fire extinguisher from possible hazards that could damage it. Danger can be a big word, however, it can be thought that if the extinguisher has been knocked over, for example, it may no longer be usable in the event of a fire. In the long term, even dust and open air can damage the extinguisher. The fire extinguisher box can be recognised by its rectangular shape, which resembles a cupboard. In fact, it is often referred to as a fire extinguisher cabinet. It is made up of two parts connected by a system similar to that found on doors, which allows it to open and close when desired.

Polyethylene is one of the materials used in the manufacture of a fire extinguisher cabinet. It is a light material that guarantees a good seal. Often, the box is found under a red colour, similar to that of the fire extinguisher. There is also another type of fire extinguisher cabinet, but this time made of metal. Whether it is a polyethylene or metal cabinet, it must be equipped with a lock for greater security.

In the industrial sector, other types of materials more suitable for more extreme conditions are available on the market. The fibreglass model is, for example, suitable for mobile fire extinguishers, while the metal case can be used to contain CO2 extinguishers. In both cases, the fire extinguisher box comes in a shape that adapts to the size of the extinguisher. For example, it is indicated that such a box is intended for a 6 kilogram extinguisher and another one for a 9 kilogram model. It has a small glass window that can be broken to reach the key to open it. It is necessary to open this window from time to time to reach the key to carry out maintenance.

A fire extinguisher cover that can hold a 6 kilo fire extinguisher costs about 149€. It is sold with a satisfaction warranty on the DesignFeu website. The polyethylene version is more affordable than the metal version which costs for the same 6 kilo capacity around twice as much. In some cases, the fire extinguisher cabinet is equipped with a device that triggers when it is abused. This device also makes it possible to detect possible attempts to steal or damage the fire extinguisher or the box itself.


Compared to a cover, for example, the cabinet provides better protection for the device; it is, in fact, more resistant and gives better comfort for the device. However, it is undeniable that this tool takes up space. Especially in a fairly small room, the appearance of the fire extinguisher cover in the corridor would certainly not be very decorative.

To combine the useful with the pleasant, customised and somewhat unusual models of fire extinguisher boxes are available on the current first aid market. Red, which is most often the colour used in the manufacture of this type of device, gives way to another colour according to the buyer’s taste. Thus, colours that blend with the colours of the walls can be developed.

To indicate its contents, a logo showing a fire extinguisher can be placed on top. The extinguisher cover then becomes more discreet while remaining within easy reach because its place remains in the easily accessible areas of the premises. The square lines of the standard shape merge into a simpler, less bulky shape. The design is just as important as the functionality of the enclosure. The shape is more sought-after and differs from the commonly encountered models. There is also another model on the market that can hold two fire extinguishers at the same time. These types of fire extinguisher boxes can be hung on the wall or placed on the floor.


The use of the fire extinguisher cover is part of the maintenance of a fire extinguisher. Indeed, it should not be forgotten that the law obliges owners to have fire extinguishers checked periodically. This is work that must be done by specialists. The only, private homes and vehicles have not yet adapted to the use of the fire extinguisher cover.

Indeed, industrialists as well as public establishments such as hospitals and schools have realized the need to use this type of tool in order to better protect the extinguishers. It is a gesture which makes it possible to make people even more aware of the usefulness of protecting themselves against fire risks.

Worldwide, the rising demand for fire extinguishers has led to the sale of fire extinguisher boxes. It is now a successful business that generates a lot of turnover and direct and indirect employment. This increase is justified by the fire figures. In France, for example, 50,000 fires a year are reported, generating human losses and material damage amounting to more than a billion euros. On the basis of these figures, we then have around 100 fires a day, mostly domestic fires.  The use of fire extinguishers and their protection by means of a fire extinguisher cover are effective ways of dealing with these fires that break out.

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