Fire extinguisher cabinet


The fire extinguisher is a very practical device for fighting fire and limiting its spread by projecting fire-fighting products called extinguishing agents. In principle, this device is compulsory in public places and in all establishments with large numbers of people. Its presence is also recommended in a private home. But for its protection, it is necessary to put it in an extinguisher box or cabinet. Fire equipment and accessories distribution stores offer a wide range of this type of cabinet, which is why anyone can buy a fire extinguisher cabinet from these retailers.


There are many reasons for fire, whether domestic or industrial. Do not forget that the consequences of this incident are always harmful from a human and material point of view. It is not by pure chance that a law on the obligation to equip a fire extinguisher per dwelling has been decreed. According to studies, one fire occurred in every two minutes. Domestic fires in particular are the most disastrous. Everyone is therefore advised to buy at least one fire extinguisher for greater safety.

But this extinguisher needs good protection to keep it in good condition and working order. For this, there is the fire extinguisher cover and the box also called fire extinguisher cabinet. These fire extinguisher protection materials are available in different sizes and are made for all kinds of extinguishers, be it water spray extinguishers with or without additives, powder extinguishers or CO2 extinguishers. Hence the purchase of a fire extinguisher cabinet is made to satisfy the needs of any user. This acquisition allows the extinguisher to be kept safe, and to avoid all risks, such as bad weather, heat, dust, etc.

Legislation has provided for laws and regulations to which they are subject in terms of fire safety. It is therefore mandatory to put in place various devices to easily fight the onset of flames of all kinds, such as smoke detectors, an audible device that alerts all occupants of such a place in case of a smoke vapour leak, and fire extinguishers.

At the same time, it is also essential to put up signs to indicate the place where an extinguisher with its cabinet is installed. In addition, emergency evacuation plans that can be practised at all times and in all circumstances with an emergency lighting beacon remain just as important. In addition, large establishments such as public buildings, hotels and restaurants, large companies, schools and educational institutions are most concerned to install fire detection and extinguishing equipment.


In principle, fire comes from the combustion of matter with oxygen and heat. The best tool for this prevention is undoubtedly the fire extinguisher, but it must be perfectly protected against all external stresses to ensure that it works properly at all times. Choosing this equipment is not so difficult at all, as many models and types of extinguishers are currently sold in many sales outlets and qualified fire equipment shops. These shops also offer a protective cover when you buy it. With the fire extinguisher box, it is also reassuring to put the extinguisher in it to prevent further incidents.

For this reason, the purchase of a fire extinguisher cabinet or other equipment capable of protecting the extinguisher, even after climatic changes, is highly recommended, in order to have maximum safety at all times. It is also a solution to ensure the proper functioning of an extinguisher in case of emergency. But before purchasing it, it is always convenient to choose the right capacity and quantity.

As an example, a fire extinguisher cabinet can be installed with one or two extinguishers at a time, depending on the size of the device and the size of the cabinet. This cabinet can be made of metal or wood. In fact, it can have a breakable glass pane allowing keys to easily open the cabinet in case of emergency. Otherwise, there is also a standard size cabinet or large fire extinguisher cabinet that can also hold 5 kg CO2 extinguishers. This last model also opens with a magnetical door.


Fire breaks out almost every few minutes, so fire extinguisher manufacturers and stores specializing in the sale of these safety materials and equipment offer a wide range of extinguishers and accessories inseparable from the use of this device.

To purchase a fire extinguisher cabinet or box, online sales are already there to facilitate its acquisition, especially nowadays, the reseller sites are so numerous to satisfy the consumers. In Europe, there is the site of DesignFeu, one of the leaders when it comes to the sale of design fire extinguisher cabinet.

There are various types of fire extinguisher cabinets, with different models that meet European standards and requirements. So, just visit their web page to have more information about fire extinguishers and their accessories.


Currently, a wide range of fire extinguisher cabinets is already on the market, both online and direct. But their price varies according to quality and capacity. Fortunately, the competitive market makes it possible to diversify the choice for the purchase of fire extinguisher cabinet to the great satisfaction of the consumers.

At DesignFeu, a standard size metal fire extinguisher cabinet, is sold at 249€. It is made of steel 20/10th, it is more resistant various external shocks to protect the extinguishers.

DesignFeu also offers a large fire extinguisher cabinet for two fire extinguishers with dimensions 760/435/251 mm. It provides easy access in case of an emergency, and is important for storing flammable materials, as exposure to high heat can cause an explosion. It costs only 390€.

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